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Profit Decision is a New Hampshire based sales and marketing consulting firm that helps manufactures and small businesses uncover hidden profits in their customers,products and sales processes. At Profit Decison we help you develop lead systems that allow you to predictably acquire new customers. We work with One Man Armies, Sales Managers and Executives to produce measurable results. Our goal is to find ways to improve revenues, cut costs, increase profits and help you optimize your investments in sales and marketing. By focusing on all areas of the sales and marketing process, Profit Decision is able to generate double digit revenue growth and savings for its clients. 

Do You Want Results?


Are you frustrated with the lack of results from your current sales approach?   

Does your company have flat or declining sales?

Do you have a lead system that is producing little or no results?   

Does your product or service solve a problem?

What if you could increase your sales production by 20%? 

What if you could gain a 10% increase in sales by just improving your sales process?  

Would this help your sales numbers and generate additional profits for your company?   


Why Us?




Are you having problems finding quality leads?  Have you spent thousands of dollars on lead lists only to find out the list contained outdated information, missing contacts and wrong phone numbers?

Michael Fountain here. I know how your feel, I have worked with several companies that have spent literally thousand of dollars on leads that they could of generated on their own.  Leads are great, but how do you manage a lead and measure the results?

Wouldn't it be nice to be in control of your own lead generation system that produced high quality leads?



Before You Advertise On Facebook,Linkedin or Google

Are your prospects and customers locked in to your message?

We work with you to define your best message to the market place.  It sounds simple but it is the single most difficult tasks for businesses to master.  If you are not getting results from your advertising, we can show you how changing your message can generate immediate results. 

Learn how to sell to people who want and need your product or service.

Does it make sense to sell a product or service to people who don't want or need your product or service?  Believe or not it happens everyday to both small and large companies.  The market for your product is changing everyday, if you are not changing your advertising strategy on a regular basis your competition and new businesses will. 


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